Well it’s finally done. My new paintings for my upcoming exhibition in Montreal on June 16th 2012.
This will be my fourth solo show with Bellefeuille gallery. www.debellefeuille.com
During the course of my eight year affiliation with them, I have travelled from painting landscapes to exploring the dimensions of the flower as subject.
Within my latest body of work I focus on the single flower and its energetic presence as a portal to inner dimensions.
Although this series did not start with that thought in mind.
Something funny happened to me along the way, in the execution of the work. My original intention with this show, was to continue with what I had begun in 2005 with the depiction of grouped flowers, exploring a more riotous bouquet and movement.
Composition, structure and movement were some of the elements I was exploring through the use of spray paint and stencil coupled with oil paints.
Suddenly half way through my show’s production a sudden impetus came over me to paint a particular flower. ( Falling Into Grace 60″x60″ )
I felt a sense of urgency to have to capture the elements of this particular image and seize its almost angelic characteristic, by allowing it to shine on its own, without any interference from other surrounding flowers within the composition.An idea I had briefly begun exploring in 2007 suddenly resurged with momentum and intention behind it.Immediately the flower took a life of its own, and the its presence began to permeate.
I recall the strange feeling I felt as my mind was no longer engaged in its earlier discourse of structure and movement. I now envisioned a new language and vocabulary to support it. Its like the other me was just suddenly whisked away out of my body and a whole new me was dropped in to continue painting with new direction. Poof! Just like that.
I have displayed the images in the order as they were given to me through my subconscience to give you a more real account of the unfolding process.
For those of you wondering about my thought process:
I listen to the little voice within my heart and wait faithfully as images begin to appear within my mind of what paintings should come out of me next.I faithfully listen and execute. Its not always easy as it requires an intense trust with your inner voice, but the act of walking away from it and not heeding its suggestions has gotten me into trouble in the past.A gesture I wish not to repeat.


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